Hello readers,

I thought I’d pop my head in here and give you an update on what’s going on with the house et al. And because I love posting pictures of our cat, here she is, Peach, settling in, slowly but surely.

So the last couple of weeks have been interesting if nothing else. We painted the upstairs bedroom.

The colour of the room turned out great and it goes with our new bedsheets as demonstrated by Peach when she claimed my spot of the bed there above. The colour is called Celery and it’s by Sherwin Williams. We love it because it’s a nice cool colour without getting depressing which works great for settling down before bed.

The only complaint, however, was when we took the crappy stick to nothing green tape off the walls, it took the paint off all the way down to the drywall with it. Don’t want to sound like we’re blaming anyone, but to say it wasn’t upsetting would be a lie. So we need to mud it, sand it and repaint it. This still isn’t done, however, we have put together all our furniture for the bedroom with the exception of the drawers that will hang out under the bed. So go team.

All of the furniture in the downstairs is put together… however, I’m still too ashamed of the mess to feel comfortable posting pictures. So on that point, I promise I will put up pictures of the “house tour” once it is cleaned up a little.

Outside that it’s been a work in progress just moving everything in and upstairs. I’m happy to say that our freezers are both in and one of them is plugged in and very full. We need to clean the other and plug that in and clean it up a little so we can start freezing food for quick lunches, etc. That will also potentially make it into the blog 🙂 So many plans.

I’m not going to lie to you, every time I think to myself “I have to go blog” I follow it up with “but there’s so much work to do” so I’m going to try to be better to carve out some time. I’ve almost got my closet organization post ready to go too so that’s something to look forward to.

And I’m off for now, so much to do, so little time.


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