House Progress

Hi all,

So I’ve been struggling with writing this post. I’ve seriously had it in my drafts for 2 weeks. Not because I’m not sure whether or not I should write it or even because I’m not sure what to write, because this is such a huge deal in my life. Also I kind of wanted to wait until the whole thing was done, but then I thought to myself, you’ll probably post a bunch of decorating posts anyways, so get on with it.

Oh and for those of you new to wordpress, like myself, I got super giddy, because did you know that when you post photos it automatically puts them into beautiful collages for you? That was another reason it took me forever, I thought I had to do it myself via some random apps, so I was playing with those for a few days. The wordpress version works way better though and allows me to go on blogging. Moving on.

So, I wasn’t going to include builder information, however, our builder is awesome, and some of my photos include names and descriptions of the materials and whatnot, so let’s hear it for Brookfield Residential. A truly great builder. If you choose to check them out and end up buying, they do have a referral program so message me and I’ll send you my full name so you can let them know I sent you.

Now, before I proceed, please note that all opinions are my own and don’t represent those of Brookfield Residential. If I missed anything, I’M SORRY!! and please let me know if I need to include anything else to make this totally an okay post.

So let’s start with our colours. Mountain Man helped, because I lucked out and he likes to be involved in the process from start to finish and got a little giddy at the prospect of selecting colours.

Alright, so let’s start from left to right and top to bottom, our backsplash, tile and counter top in image 1, hardwood and carpet in image 2 and our counters in the bathrooms and cabinets in image 3.

Oh my, look at that Alberta sky. Hands down one of my favourite things about living out here. Anyway, this is over the stretch of a few months, this whole thing took about 11 months from the time that we walked into the sale centre to the time that we take keys next week. We are the corner unit, hence the pictures of the corner unit. Our house is a townhouse, but it’s 1243 sq. ft. and while we don’t have a backyard and very little basement, we do have a double garage and a front pad for our non-existent BBQ. We’ll get one, just you wait.

This was from our cabinet walkthrough. Top left is the living room (all those windows ♥), top right is our front door, under that is the “dining area” but we liked the way the showhome was set up which had a desk space there and allowed the living room to be more open and also use the eating bar which you can’t really see in this photo. Bottom right is the kitchen sans appliance (and flooring in case you haven’t put that together yet) also from where I took the photo is where the dining table will go, and last but not least, bottom left is the railing and our weird flex space above the door. Now a little about that space, we had originally played around with the idea that a fishtank would look amazing there, okay, it would look amazing there, however, at 1000lbs. we decided, maybe not? We’re totally doing a marvel theme down here though, so maybe some nice Marvel wall art? We’ll see.

Okay, here we have the master bedroom, master bath and the larger of the small bedrooms. Nothing too exciting, plus you can’t really tell what size they are on account of how dark it is and there’s nothing in them. We do have another smaller bedroom, that’ll house my craft stuff.

Now this was just last week during our pre-occupancy walkthrough. You’ll notice some tape is stuck to our walls and whatnot, that was for any deficiencies, mostly paint. We got them to paint the house white, it made the most sense with our colour scheme and also to allow us to do accent walls once we move in, however, white shows imperfections like whoa. Most of these photos showcase our beautiful flooring, I mean, look at that tile!!

Boring but necessary carpet.

And again to the downstairs. Sorry about the dark photos, there’s just so much natural light coming in it’s hard for me to photograph on my phone. And I included a photo of the countertop and backsplash. It’s funny, because Mountain Man loved the backsplash so much that the whole monochromatic look emerged from it. We love how it turned out though.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to get all our IKEA furniture in there, paint the accent walls and build all the furniture. And live in it of course. So awesome, and so so excited. So much so, I’m pretty sure I’m annoying everyone in my life. I don’t care though.


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