Home Binder

So I came across an amazing blog called Just a Girl and Her Blog. The creator’s name is Abby and I wish I had her organizing prowess. She has inspired me to create a Home Binder. I was literally laying in bed the other night and thought to myself, “what if I die and Aaron needs to get at my accounts”.¬†As such it has caused me to go a little nutty in the making my own printables area, and I wanted to share a few that I’ve completed so far, because while there are some great free printables out there, I really love the ability to make my own. As simple or as complicated as my crazy brain needs them to be.

I will come back and edit this post from time to time as I get pretty pictures of the printables in action as well as when I create new pages to add. I will also at some point create a recipe binder, because there’s nothing quite like being able to have a customer recipe book.

Password Cheat Sheet: Do you have that problem where you don’t remember which email/password you used for a specific website? Or the website has some weird rules about how their passwords have to be structured? I came across this when I had to think of new passwords for this blog and the corresponding email address. And I totally had a request for this almost as soon as I created it from a co-worker. Mission accomplished.

Monthly Calendar 2016: Surprise! I’m an Albertan. Why do I bring that up here? Well, because of the holidays included in this printable. They are only Alberta based because that’s where I am. Want more? Send me a message and I’ll gladly accommodate.

General List: This is really more of a page for notes. I figure it might come in handy as I’m pondering things…

Cleaning Schedule: Now, I work my part time job (oh yeah, I work 2 jobs, that hasn’t come up here yet) on Thursdays and Friday and while I would love to think that my other half would do these chores, the reality is that he needs me to ride his coattails a little bit to make it a reality. So my version of the cleaning schedule is different, because, well I’m not home to do anything Thursday and Friday.

Birthdays: Okay, so I am usually pretty good at keeping these in my phone but I want them on my calendar so I can see them coming up rather than being reminded day of.

Account Information: And last but certainly not least is the Account information. It’s pretty generic depending on how many accounts you have, and formatted to Canada with Transit, Institution and Account Numbers.

Family Address Book: Keep all your important info together for family contacts. Ideal for planning a family event or if you enjoy mailing out cards for birthdays, or anything really.

That’s all I have ready to go up for now, and I really don’t want to put off this post any longer, so those who view, please enjoy.


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