Richard Castle Book Review

Are you a fan of ABC’s “Castle”? Did you know that there is a book series that accompanies the show by none other than Richard Castle himself (well a ghost writer anyway) following the exploits of Nikki Heat?

Well I did. Okay, to be fair I was working in a book store when the show started and stumbled upon the series while putting away books. I mean, as a nerd/geek how could I not be drawn to Nathan Fillion’s face on the back of the book, right?

As with most series, the first book “Heat Wave”, was kind of painful. I attribute this to the author find their characters’ voice as well as to the reader getting familiar with it. I was impressed, however, as the characters from the show are very clearly present in the book. I mean you’ve got everyone there, from Ryan and Esposito to Lanie portrayed as Raley and Ochoa (affectionately nicknamed “Roach”) and Lauren respectively.

Of course Kate is Nikki and Rick is Jameson Rook.

By all rights, not the greatest literary books ever written, but I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t really care about those books. I take a lot of joy out of books like these, where they’re fun, light, and they don’t make me think too much about the problems of the world. I find that kind of crap depressing, and reading is about relaxing and being fun for me. And this book delivered just that. It was the same as when I read the Harry Potter books, reading makes you want to watch and watching makes you want to read. Anyone else ever have that experience? Then you know exactly what I mean.

So in the end if you’re looking for a serious read, these books are not for you. If you like light, fluffy and fun, then you’re in the right place. Oh and it helps if you like crime drama onscreen or off as well.

Other books in the series are:

2. Naked Heat

3. Heat Rises

4. Frozen Heat

5. Deadly Heat

6. Raging Heat

7. Driving Heat

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